Why will patients have to pay for a GP in Ontario?

As the debate over the new law on primary care intensifies, one question is rising above the fray: Why will health-care workers have to go through the extra expense of a GP?

The Ontario government says that to be able to do this, health-policy makers have to find a way to ensure that health-insurance companies can cover the cost of the care they provide, while keeping patients in their own health care system.

That’s why it’s proposing a system in which a GP would be required to have a referral from a health-plan.

Under the plan, patients would have to fill out an online form, and the insurance companies would have an option to pay the fee.

The government says it’s looking to reduce the cost to taxpayers of the health-health system by as much as 50 per cent.

However, some doctors are skeptical of the government’s proposal, saying that the proposal will make patients pay for an expensive, time-consuming visit to the GP and that it would mean a greater burden on patients than they would be expected to bear.

“We have a lot of data from Canada that suggests that primary care is a very high-quality, cost-effective form of care, and that we would see fewer visits to the hospital in this country if this was to become law,” said Dr. William O’Reilly, president of the Canadian Medical Association.

“If we can lower the cost and reduce the time spent in the hospital, that’s a huge benefit.”

The health-provider association also said that it will likely argue that the system is too costly and that the health plans will continue to take a disproportionate amount of the burden.

In fact, a study published in the BMJ last week showed that health plans paid more than 60 per cent of the bill for health-related services in Ontario in 2016-17.

Dr. O’Connor said that a GP visit would be a costly visit, especially for people with a long history of health issues.

“It would be one of the most difficult things that we could possibly do for a patient, and it would also be the most expensive thing we could do for the patient, so we’re really going to have to consider the impact that this has on those people,” he said.

O’Riordan says the bill will cost a lot to administer, but he says it will save money. “

The only people that are really going have to do that, and there’s no reason that this should be done on an individual basis, is the insurance carriers.”

O’Riordan says the bill will cost a lot to administer, but he says it will save money.

“That will be an enormous cost to us, to administer the bill, but it will also reduce the administrative burden on us and make it more efficient,” he says.

“As a result, it will be much less expensive than what we would otherwise be paying for in other jurisdictions.”

O.P. says the insurance industry is already doing its part to protect the plan.

“There is no question that we have seen the impact of these policies, and so it is not only the insurance providers that are doing this, but other providers, too,” he told CBC News.

“So it is quite a different level of cost to the insurance provider.”

Overnight changes to health insurance policies are already underway in Ontario.

In January, Premier Kathleen Wynne introduced legislation that requires insurers to cover the annual out-of-pocket cost for people who are diagnosed with a serious illness, such as cancer or diabetes.

The law also requires health plans to cover 10 per cent for medical care costs for new or extended coverage and 10 per percent for outpatient care.

But O’Brien says the health plan industry is not ready to pay those costs yet.

“They’re going to be paid,” he explained.

“And we’re not there yet.

We don’t know how much that’s going to cost.”

Ombudsman says there are ‘no winners’ under new insurance system The Ontario Ombudsman is also critical of the new system, saying the bill doesn’t address the real issues facing people with chronic illnesses.

“These changes are not intended to address the underlying root causes of the issues that people with the most chronic conditions face,” said Paul Martin, the Ombudsman for Ontario.

“What it does is to address what is happening in our society right now in terms of how we fund health care, where we get the money, how we allocate resources and where we’re going.”

He says the system will cost an average of $8,000 to $12,000 a year for people living with chronic conditions.

“How are we going to provide care to people who have all these conditions who are living in poverty in this province and are getting health care that they’re

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