Why Hospitals are being asked to stop treating patients with preexisting conditions

Medical and nursing staff are being ordered to stop taking medication from those who are in immediate need of it, as the Abbott government prepares to unveil its controversial $2 billion health care bill.

A letter sent to medical staff on Monday said they are required to stop providing medication to patients who have been in hospital or nursing homes for at least 72 hours because it is considered inappropriate to treat patients with chronic conditions.

The letter also said the government intends to amend the Act to require the use of the drug Ambien by any medical professional that has been prescribed it.

The Abbott government has said it wants to replace the Medicare rebate with a “per person” rebate, which will cost the federal government between $8 billion and $10 billion.

The government said it will seek the advice of the Health Practitioners Advisory Council before deciding how to proceed.

A spokeswoman for the Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, said the letter was “clearly written in bad faith and that is why the Minister has instructed the Medical and Nursing Staffs Association to seek the assistance of the ACCC and the Australian Medical Association to assist the Medical Staff Association in this matter”.

“The letter was sent by a company that has already had its accreditation revoked, so we are still waiting for the outcome of the relevant investigation,” she said.

“We are not in the business of trying to influence the health of people.”

Ms Roxon said it was “completely unacceptable” that nurses were required to continue to take Ambien for patients with severe chronic conditions in urgent care facilities, and it was important that the nurses had access to it.

“That is the responsibility of every medical staff member in our system,” she told the ABC.

“There is no question about that, the health and safety of our patients, the safety of those who come in to care, the staff members in the community, and they should not be asked to do that.”

And they should have the ability to make their own decisions about how they manage their own health.

“Health Minister Nicola Roxen, left, meets with medical staff in Canberra on Sunday.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen “If a doctor believes that a patient needs Ambien, that doctor should not have to prescribe it.

It is completely unacceptable that nurses have to do this, and if we want to do more to support our health care workforce, we should be supporting their ability to do their job.

“Mr Abbott is scheduled to make his first speech since he took office on Monday, when he will argue the Government’s $2.7 billion health reforms are working to improve Australia’s economy.

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