Which provinces are accepting transgender patients?

Ontario is the only province that allows transgender people to transition under provincial legislation, but some of the most populous provinces are also considering their own policies.

In Ontario, the province’s minister of health says the government will soon make it a priority to get transgender people treated with medical and mental health care.

The provincial government has already approved funding for $20 million for the transition care program.

The Ontario Transgender Health Network has also been working with a number of hospitals and clinics to get trans people treated.

It’s the first provincial program in Canada that allows trans people to get care at home.

Dr. Peter McBride of the University of Toronto says transgender people are just as likely to be hospitalized for serious medical problems as other Canadians, but that it’s the medical and psychiatric issues that have people so concerned.

He says it’s critical to get people to the hospital as soon as possible, so they can be seen and treated.

“They’re more likely to need treatment, so there’s a greater likelihood of them needing an emergency,” he said.

“If they’re not going to get into a hospital, they’re going to need to be treated.”

We have a medical infrastructure in this country that’s quite robust and the people who are living with HIV are living in the country, but we have a social infrastructure that’s not so robust.

“Dr. McBride says people with HIV have a much higher mortality rate than people without HIV, and there’s no clear answer as to why.

He also said there’s concern that trans people might be less likely to seek treatment if they have a mental health problem.”

We need to do more research to figure out what the impact is on those individuals and their families,” he added.

Quebec also announced that it would allow transgender people access to the same medical care as anyone else under a new law.

In Saskatchewan, Health Minister Dr. Mike Russell said the province is committed to ensuring all people are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their gender identity.

The federal government has also begun accepting trans patients in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, but it’s not clear whether any of the provinces will follow suit.

With files from The Canadian Press

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