The best way to find affordable medical care in NYC

With $1.5 billion in funding, New York City’s Medical Care Workers Union has launched the NYC-wide campaign Homeless Medical Care Professional.

The effort, launched on Thursday, aims to increase access to affordable medical services for people in need in the city.

“If you’re a homeless patient, you need to get help.

And if you’re an opioid patient, we need you to get care,” Dr. Anthony Gazzaniga, president of the New York-based union, said in a statement.”

We know that you have to be in a safe environment, but if you can’t get in a car, then it doesn’t matter how safe you’re staying, you’re not safe,” Gazza added.

“You’re not getting help, you are not safe.”

The NYC-based medical workers union is working with local organizations to expand access to medical care for homeless people and others who have mental health or substance abuse issues, and has called on the federal government to establish a national registry to track the availability of affordable, accessible health care services.

“It’s important that we are providing care for everyone, whether they are homeless, in shelters, or in other settings,” Gattasaid.

“If the city is going to provide the care, then we have to provide it.”NYC-based Health and Human Services has also pledged to increase funding for homeless services in the region.

“Our commitment is to continue working closely with local governments and community leaders to ensure that we provide comprehensive and affordable mental health services to homeless people in New York,” Health and Social Services said in an emailed statement.

“We will continue to work to improve the availability and quality of mental health care and to promote community and affordable housing.”

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