Medical care to be expanded at Bellevue hospital

SEATTLE — The hospital will have more beds to help ease pressure on its medical staff, which will help patients stay healthier longer.

It’s a significant step in the hospital’s plan to expand care to a larger group of patients.

“We have had an influx of patients, we have a higher number of patients who are in need of treatment than ever before, and we have seen an increase in emergency department visits,” Dr. Dan Dyer, the hospital administrator, said in a statement.

“So, we are going to have a greater capacity for those patients, and the beds we’re going to get will be much better.”

Dyer said Bellevue is working on expanding the hospital to about 300 beds to meet growing demand for care, including for cancer patients.

The hospital also has the capacity to handle about 2,000 patients a day.

Dyer, who was named interim hospital chief in July, said the hospital is going to do more to provide better care to patients.

“We’re not going to say we’re the gold standard of care.

We’re not.

We don’t have the gold standards of care,” he said.

“We’re going, we’re working very hard, and it’s a good start.”

Dyers statement came after a series of high-profile deaths in the Seattle area.

The death of a man who had been in the ICU for months after a severe stroke has sparked calls for more attention to the problem of high hospital-acquired pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses.

Dylan Miller, 26, died from pneumonia in a hospital on Oct. 28, and his death was attributed to a coronavirus strain that had not been properly identified.

He died at the hospital.

The deaths of a woman and a man with heart conditions at Bellevues Mercy Medical Center last week spurred calls for better treatment.

A nurse was killed at the facility and a woman at Belleves.

The city and Bellevue officials said they have reached agreements to help the hospital find additional beds to accommodate more patients.

The hospital is planning to open a new emergency department to address the need for more beds, and is also adding an inpatient ward for patients who have more serious illnesses.

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