Jersey Medical Care Group plans to open its first medical center in Japan

JAPANESE medical care group Jersey Medical Group plans in its first overseas medical center to offer services for patients from countries like Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The Jersey Medical and Health Care Group, which is based in Tokyo, is hoping to open the medical center by the end of the year, according to its official website.

The company plans to offer a range of medical services for Japanese people.

“It is a good way for us to bring Japanese people back to Japan,” said J.R. Ogasawara, a partner at the New York-based firm, which specializes in international healthcare.

Jersey Medical will operate the medical facility in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

The medical center will offer services in general care, emergency care, surgery, primary care, and a specialized unit for primary care patients, according the website.

“The service will be offered in English, Japanese, French and Chinese,” Ogasowara added.

Oresawa previously said that the company would seek a Chinese partner to operate the center.

O.K. The plan will also include a clinic and office for doctors.

“If we can establish a strong relationship with a Chinese company, we will have a good opportunity to expand,” Oresawara said.

A number of Japanese companies are planning to open medical centers in Japan.

The country is in the midst of a financial crisis and many companies have been seeking foreign investment to support their operations.

A large number of hospitals are in need of foreign funding and Japanese companies have begun to take part in the process.

Otsuka Co., the largest hospital operator in Japan, announced plans to establish a new operating hospital in Tokyo in December.

The new hospital will provide primary care services, as well as intensive care and cardiac rehabilitation, Otsaka Co. said in a statement.

Other Japanese companies such as Tokyo Electric Power Co. have been making a push to open hospitals in Japan for years.

Otaichi Inc., a Japanese construction company, has planned to open a hospital in Osaka in 2017, with plans to start providing health services there by the beginning of 2020.

A Japanese firm is also planning to set up a medical center at the site of a former military base in the northeastern city of Oita.

The facility will be located near the Otaichan airport, according a statement from the company.

Ogai-shima Pharmaceutical Co., which is headquartered in Tokyo and is planning to establish its first clinic in the country, said it is looking to establish medical centers with an opening date of 2019.

OGAI-SHIMA CORPORATION plans to set a date for opening its first Japanese medical center, and it is aiming to open in 2020.

The firm is aiming for an opening in 2020, and is also aiming to provide care services in the medical field, Ogasawa said.

The Japanese medical industry is in a slump, with a number of medical facilities closing.

Oita University Hospital and the Osaka Hospital in Kyoto also closed in the past year.

The last remaining medical center is in Osaka, according Ogasawsawa.

“I am optimistic about this,” he said.

“We will see if there is a new Japanese company that will come to Japan.”

Ogaswara also said the company is in talks with Chinese and Japanese hospitals to set-up their first medical centers.

“A number of Chinese and Indian hospitals are coming to Japan.

I hope that they will open their first Japanese facility soon,” Ogsawara added, according with Reuters.

Ogsawa said the firm plans to launch a new medical center with a location in Japan’s northeastern city.

“By the end (of 2020), we will be able to offer care services for people from overseas.

We will not only operate a hospital, but also a clinic, office and a medical clinic, he added.

The plans of Ogaswa and Otswa are just the latest in a series of Japanese health plans to seek foreign investment.

Earlier this year, the country’s Health Ministry said it was planning to launch the world’s first foreign medical center.

“Japan is a big country with a large population. “

Currently, the Health Ministry is considering a proposal for establishing a foreign medical facility, which has the potential to become a world-class medical center,” said a statement by the ministry.

“Japan is a big country with a large population.

As the number of foreign patients increases, we need to expand the number and the facilities for foreign patients,” the statement added.

Japanese health authorities have also been pushing to create a national hospital system for the country.

“This initiative would provide a single health care system to all of Japan,” the ministry said in December, according

“To develop a new national hospital, we would need to establish one hospital per 10,000 people, or one for every 5,000 Japanese citizens,”

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