Indian doctors to pay ‘more’ for medical care

Medical care in India is a hot topic in the country as the number of patients seeking treatment increases each year.

The demand for medical attention in the nation is at an all-time high, and it is estimated that up to 2.5 million people have to be treated in hospitals each day to keep up with the growing number of emergency cases.

As the number goes up, the demand for treatment also goes up as well.

As per data from the Medical Council of India (MCI), India’s medical system is facing an unprecedented situation in the form of rising medical costs, especially for those with chronic conditions.

The cost of medical care in the Indian state of Maharashtra has gone up to a whopping Rs. 4,000 per month, while the total amount spent on medical treatment in the state is just Rs. 2,000, according to a report by the Institute for Economic Studies and Management (IESM).

The annual medical expenditure in the national capital region of Mumbai has gone by a whopping $4.6 billion over the last five years.

In Delhi, the medical expenditure has increased to a staggering $5.3 billion in the last year.

This is because of a growing number the state has to treat.

“This is the first time that we have seen such an alarming increase in medical expenditure,” said Dr Raghu Kumar, Director General of the National Institute of Medical Education and Research (NIMER).

“This will be a major factor in the rise in the cost of care.

The problem is that patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, are facing an unmet need.”

According to the NIMER report, in Mumbai, more than 5.2 million people are currently undergoing treatment, but the number has been rising in the capital.

This number is on a par with the figure from last year when more than 3.4 million patients were being treated in the city alone.

This has led to a total cost of $4,062 billion in a single year.

“It is a very serious situation for the medical profession in India, which is facing a major shortage of medical personnel and resources,” said a senior medical official.

Dr Kumar said that hospitals are not equipped to handle such an increase in demand, especially as patients are also suffering from a growing medical crisis.

“Many hospitals have only one or two beds for the same patient.

This means that the patients are getting treatment at different places of the hospital,” he added.

In addition to increasing medical costs due to the rise, there is also an increased number of people coming to the hospitals seeking treatment for chronic conditions such as heart and lung conditions.

In the past, these patients have been treated at the local hospital, but now they are being admitted to hospitals in the National Capital Region.

“The demand for care has increased dramatically in recent years, as patients have become more vulnerable to an epidemic of diseases and are increasingly coming to hospitals for care,” said the medical official, adding that the increased demand has also affected the doctors, nurses and administrators who are also trying to cope with the increase in the demand.

This trend of increasing demand and increased demand for health care is not going to be an easy one to handle.

“A major issue for us in the health system is the fact that there are no resources available for the treatment of patients, especially in rural areas.

We cannot keep pace with the demand,” said another medical official in Mumbai.

“We need to shift the focus from treatment to prevention,” he said.

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