‘I’m just a human being’: Veteran who helped raise money for her own medical care and now faces prison

Posted September 03, 2018 12:38:06 A retired Air Force doctor and his wife are facing federal charges after they allegedly conspired to defraud Medicare by giving it the wrong information about their medical bills.

According to the complaint, a medical specialist from Florida named Lisa A. Strom, a former member of the U.S. Army Reserve, and her husband, Robert, conspired with a patient and an insurer to falsify information about the cost of medical care.

In October 2016, Lisa Strom was indicted by a grand jury on a felony charge of using a fraudulent credit card to defame the Federal Government.

The Stroms were arrested in February and charged with wire fraud.

Lisa Strome pleaded guilty in March.

Robert Strom is expected to be sentenced in September.

In a written statement to The Washington Post, Lisa and Robert Strome said that they “have never been involved in any wrongdoing.”

“We are devastated by the allegations and our family is cooperating with the investigation,” Lisa Stom, 61, said.

“We believe the allegations are completely false and are cooperating with federal authorities.”

A spokeswoman for the U,S.

Attorney’s Office in Florida confirmed the charges against the Strom’s but declined to comment further.

Lisa A., 63, and Robert A., 59, were both arrested in Florida in October and are awaiting extradition to the United States.

A spokesman for the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice in London said the charges were under investigation and declined to elaborate.

A spokeswoman at the Stoms’ office in Florida declined to answer questions about the case.

The charges were filed in the U-S.

District Court for the Southern District of Florida in Miami.

A lawyer for the Stoms declined to discuss the case or the matter, and Lisa A.’s lawyer, Stephen C. Parnell, declined to respond to specific questions about how she and Robert were charged.

“The allegations are entirely false and baseless,” Parnett said in a statement.

“It is entirely inconsistent with the way in which the Stomes have operated their practice over the past four decades.”

The Stoms were named in the indictment on Sept. 3.

The U.K. government declined to provide any details about the allegations, citing ongoing investigations.

The indictment said Lisa Stroma and Robert “conspired to knowingly and intentionally make a false statement or misleading statement to a consumer regarding the cost or availability of services or goods in relation to a medical care or health care related matter.”

The complaint alleges that the Stros conspired on multiple occasions to provide inaccurate information about Medicare, falsely claim the cost savings of their business as an employee benefit, and falsely claim that their business had been acquired by a foreign government.

Lisa and Bob Strom also allegedly consented to false billing of Medicare to cover their own medical bills, and to a false claim that they were not being charged any costs for their services.

Medicare claims The Medicare claims filing that led to the charges came from the U.-S.

Department of Health and Human Services.

The complaint also alleged that the charges “may amount to a criminal conspiracy to defile Medicare and/or to defraude Medicare by fraudulently obtaining, concealing, or misrepresenting Medicare’s costs or reimbursement claims.”

The government’s Medicare fraud office said that it “will be pursuing appropriate criminal charges against those responsible for these serious and possibly illegal charges.”

In response to the allegations against the Medicare fraud division, the Stomedes issued a statement on Tuesday saying they are “devastated by the charges.”

The statement also said that “We intend to vigorously defend ourselves against the charges and have cooperated fully with the authorities.”

Lisa St. is expected in court next month.

Her attorney, Parnello, said that the couple was cooperating with investigators and that he did not know any details of the investigation.

“As with any criminal charges, it’s important to understand that they’re very serious,” Pravell said.

The case is the latest to highlight problems with Medicare’s cost-containment system.

The system was established in 1972 to ensure that the Medicare trust fund would be adequately funded if an individual’s medical needs and spending were not met.

It is meant to prevent people from spending too much money on medical care when they need it the most.

The Medicare system is funded through the payroll tax, and the tax is paid directly by employers.

But it is unclear whether the Stumptowns were paying Medicare taxes when they billed Medicare for their medical care, and how much money was actually being collected.

The two medical specialists charged with defrauding Medicare are scheduled to be arraigned on Sept 12.

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