‘I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this’: Patient in hospital after eating raw fruit and vegetables

Patient in intensive care who said she was hungry but was told to stop eating because of “disease control” is speaking out for the first time.

The woman, from Manchester, said she felt “uncomfortable” eating food because of the “deteriorating” condition of her stomach and “nausea”.

She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was given a powerful medication to treat it but says she was never told that she had the disease and did not need the medication.

The 23-year-old woman said: “I was told I had Crohns, but it was just a placebo.

It’s like I didn’t even know what it was.” “

It wasn’t prescribed for me.

It’s like I didn’t even know what it was.”

The woman said she had “severe nausea” and that the food “would not go down” in her stomach.

She also said she didn’t have a bowel movement, was unable to eat food and was not allowed to have any contact with people or objects that might trigger the disease.

The medical team that treated her also did not have an accurate diagnosis of her disease, she said.

“I felt so sick that I just couldn’t eat anything,” she said, adding that she was also unable to go to the toilet because her stomach was “so sore”.

The woman has now been admitted to hospital for the next 12 weeks.

The patient told her mother about her symptoms on Facebook and shared her story to show her support.

Her mother said the “horror” of the treatment and the lack of information on her condition made her feel “disgusted” and “disappointed”.

The medical worker also did an ultrasound on her stomach that showed her symptoms but the woman said it was not clear if she had a bowel or bladder.

She said: I was really upset about that because I had no idea that there was something wrong.

“As soon as I went in there was no treatment, no medication, no anything. “

“All I could think was I was going to die.” “

The patient has told her story on Facebook, in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 11,000 times. “

All I could think was I was going to die.”

The patient has told her story on Facebook, in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 11,000 times.

“You know I’m not saying that this is the end for me, but you know it’s been a nightmare,” she wrote.

The Facebook post also includes a photo of her mother with the words: “A new chapter has begun for my mother.”

The mother’s daughter said the family would like to make a public statement about the case but the situation has caused “significant disruption” to their lives.

“Our family is devastated and our lives have been destroyed by this experience,” she added.

The mother said that the family is now going to hold a “community awareness day” to “raise awareness and raise awareness” about the condition of the condition.

“We will be making sure the message of Crohn and Colitis Awareness Day gets out there so that the community can come together and support each other,” she continued.

“The family and I want to show that the situation is not as bad as some people think.”

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