How to get a new job in medicine, the government-run health insurance website, has been a hit.

A report from PricewaterhouseCoopers shows the number of people signing up to sign up for coverage through the federal marketplace rose by a whopping 10 percent from March to June.

But the report also said that enrollment remained low, with the average cost of health insurance for an individual in the United States currently at $11,700.

This means the average individual is only spending $6,300 per year on premiums.

And the number for a family of four is at $15,500, according to the report.

That’s a drop of nearly $100,000 from the number who were in the market before the government started offering coverage in January.

That is the kind of drop that many experts predict is expected to continue through the first half of 2018.

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, was signed into law in 2010 by President Barack Obama.

It’s been one of the most ambitious and popular parts of President Donald Trump’s agenda, but it has not been without its share of challenges.

It was created by a Republican-controlled Congress, and its implementation was beset by political challenges that left the health insurance market at an impasse.

The Trump administration, however, has taken steps to address some of those problems.

The administration has promised to offer tax credits to help people purchase coverage and it has set up a federal health insurance exchange.

The federal exchange, which opened to all people on Nov. 1, is expected be the largest in the country by the end of the year.’s enrollment has been down because of the federal exchange.

But with the government’s help, enrollment is expected pick up.

For the first time, a federal study found that the percentage of Americans who actually signed up for health insurance coverage through HealthCare .gov has increased over the past month.

In March, the survey found that 16 percent of Americans had received a response from the government about enrolling in coverage.

That number had gone up to 25 percent by the time of the report’s release.

That percentage dropped to 14 percent by July and is expected for the first three months of 2018, according the Pricewater-Nathaniel S. Frierson Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation at Harvard University.

And that number is expected rise to 15 percent by June and 18 percent by August.

But even as people sign up, there are still questions about how much they’re actually going to pay.

People will pay a premium for coverage they already have, but they won’t be paying a deductible for it, which could cost them money over the long term.

And because health care is so expensive in many parts of the country, people who do enroll may not be eligible for tax credits.

The report found that 12 percent of people who were initially enrolled in the federal market through Health were still in the exchange at the end to pay their premiums.

For those people, the number dropped to 7 percent by September, while the remaining 6 percent of enrollees were still enrolled.

So even if people do enroll, it may not come cheap.

Some people have told me they’re not paying that much, and it’s only the first year.

They’re looking at it as a temporary deal, like a holiday.

They’ll be back, and they’re going to get reimbursed.

It might be worth it if you can get a temporary waiver, said Mark Siegel, president of the consulting firm Avalere Health, which conducted the survey for the institute.

He said people who signed up and were not able to pay for coverage might consider the option of signing up for a plan that offers a lower monthly premium.

The new HealthCare website is also experiencing some issues.

On Monday, the company announced it was making the software in-house.

But it said that the problem has been with the data collection process.

HealthCare is still working to improve the data.

But a company spokesperson told The Washington Post on Tuesday that “the company is aware of the problems and is working on them.”

For now, there’s no sign of a solution in sight.

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