How to avoid the NHS walling: The ‘biggest health risk’

The NHS is “a ticking time bomb” and the “most dangerous system” for the NHS, health minister Michael Gove has said.

The Conservative leader was speaking at the launch of the NHS Wallingford campaign, an NHS health-focused initiative launched by the Government on Monday.

Mr Gove said the system was “too expensive, too difficult and too difficult to run” and urged NHS workers to be “as patient-centric” as possible.

“We want you to know that if you have a family member that needs help, we want to know you’re in touch, we need to know who’s in charge,” Mr Gove told the audience.

In a blogpost, Mr Gave said the Government was working with NHS managers to develop “a system that is more patient-focused, more transparent, and more effective”.

“The system is much better than the system it replaces,” Mr Justice wrote.

This is a ticking timebomb, and the NHS is a “biggest risk”.

The Wallingfield campaign, which is currently running across the country, is “an NHS-wide strategy that seeks to improve the delivery of healthcare in England,” it said.

“The NHS is the biggest public health system in the world and has become increasingly under-resourced over the last two decades, particularly in England.”

Mr Justice said the NHS had become “more patient-centred and less accountable”.

“We know that this is causing great harm to our public health,” he wrote.

“Our priority is to fix the problem before it’s too late.”

The NHS Wall, which has received £100m from the Government to help it achieve its aim, was launched on Monday by Health Secretary Michael Gough.

It aims to highlight how the NHS has failed to improve its performance and deliver value for money, with an aim to build trust in its management and the service it provides.

“We need to rebuild trust in the NHS and ensure it is not a ticking clock,” Mr Eddington told the launch.

He said the government would not be able to tackle the NHS if the public were not patient- centred.

“When the NHS doesn’t work, we can’t fix it, we cannot deliver value, and we can never get the right services and outcomes,” Mr Eddington said.

“That’s why we’re setting out to make the NHS work better for patients.”

The Government’s new £1.9bn Health and Social Care Act will introduce a number of measures, including funding cuts for social care, including care homes, mental health and GP surgeries.

But Mr Gough said he would not cut the funding for mental health, as this was a “fundamental human right”.

Mr Eddingham said he hoped the NHS would see “a huge benefit” from the changes, saying the system could “help people stay in the system”.

“I believe that in a system where people don’t want to be seen as a burden, where they’re not treated as a priority, we should be working with the NHS to make sure it is better than ever,” Mr Emmerson said.

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