How can I get my doctor to take my prescription?

When it comes to buying prescription drugs, there are several things you can do.

First, check the label on the bottle.

Do you know what brand the medicine is?

Or do you know where to get a list of manufacturers?

Second, ask your doctor.

Are there any fees for buying?

If not, it could be a problem.

Third, you can ask the pharmacy for advice.

Do they offer a free sample?

And, of course, it’s a good idea to ask about their prices too.

Fourth, make sure your doctor is a trusted doctor.

A recent survey showed that many people trust their doctors more than they trust their pharmacists.

A third of people have been prescribed medicine they didn’t need, but the pharmacist was quick to prescribe the medicine to them.

Fifth, there’s the risk of getting counterfeit medicine.

And if you’ve had to deal with counterfeit drugs in the past, you might have a better understanding of how they work.

So how can you tell if you’re dealing with a genuine or a counterfeit drug?

Here are five simple things you need to know:1.

Are they genuine?

If you think you’re getting a counterfeit medicine, it means that the pharmacy is using a fake drug label to tell you the real product.

It could be from a pharmacy or brand that isn’t in the UK, for example.

This is a big concern because counterfeit drugs can be harmful.

If you’re prescribed a medicine from a brand that’s not in the EU, or an EU country, you’re likely to end up with a counterfeit product.2.

Is the product safe?

Is a fake medicine safe?

If the label says “Made in China”, it means it’s not from China.

If it says “Manufactured in the USA”, it may be.

The UK’s Pharmacopoeia has a list that can help you spot fake medicines.

It’s worth checking the labels on all of the products you buy, too.3.

Is it safe?

Do you know how to tell if a drug is genuine?

It might look like a label on a bottle.

This could be because it’s been altered.

Or it might be because the label is not genuine.

It could also be because there’s no label on it.

You might see “Made by Pfizer, Inc.” or “Made In USA”.

If it’s the latter, it might not be genuine.

You’ll need to be more sceptical if you find a product that’s a fake or fake medicine.4.

Is a drug a new product?

Are you using a brand or generic drug that hasn’t been tested in the lab?

You might have bought it from a pharmacist who didn’t have the experience to give you a genuine prescription.

You might also be buying a brand you don’t need.

You could be taking a medication that may be harmful to you.5.

What’s the dosage?

If a fake prescription says “100mg”, this means it contains 100mg of a medicine that doesn’t exist in the British Pharmacopoesia.

If you buy a fake medication and you’re unsure of its contents, you should ask your pharmacist to check it out.

You can also call the pharmacy if you suspect that it’s from a fake.

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