‘Cancer is a disease’ is ‘a joke’ – but are doctors telling it the truth?

Business Insider reports that a new study finds that a lot of people are “overly optimistic” about their own ability to cure cancer.

But a new research project conducted by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, finds that “cure” is a “poor choice of words.”

The study looked at over 20,000 medical records from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and found that patients were more likely to describe themselves as “cured” if they were referring to a diagnosis that was a prognosis rather than an immediate prognosis.

For example, patients were twice as likely to say that they were cured of breast cancer if they also mentioned a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Other words were also more likely when patients were referring specifically to a treatment, and they were also “confident” in their ability to get the treatment.

When it comes to the word “curing,” the researchers found that “a diagnosis” was the most common way to refer to a “prognosis.”

However, when they asked the people if they would use the term “curable,” they were more apt to say “a prognosis” than “a diagnostic.”

And when they were asked what they thought of the word, “cures” and “coping” were used by about three times as often.

“Cure” may be the most commonly used term, but there is no evidence that people are using it the way they should be using it, according to the study published in the American Journal of Cancer.

The study found that the more patients use “curation” as a synonym for a prognostic term, the more likely they are to use “diagnosis.”

“This is a bad thing.

It’s not helping anybody,” Dr. David H. Shostak, an associate professor of clinical social work at the UC Berkeley School of Medicine, told Business Insider.

Shostak and his colleagues used data from more than 11,000 patients who were treated for prostate cancer.

They used a set of questions to help them assess people’s confidence in their own prognosis, including “would you be cured?” and “are you confident you will get cured?”

This led to a graph, which showed that patients’ confidence in predicting their own future survival was lower than patients’ belief in their prognosis for other conditions.

The researchers also asked whether people were referring more to their prognostic status as a “cURE” or a “CURED” or “DETECTED” rather than referring to the diagnosis or the treatment as a whole.

The findings were even more dramatic when they looked at patients who had received chemotherapy or radiation, which is what is usually referred to as a cure.

The researchers found the more chemotherapy patients received, the less likely they were to use the word cure.

The paper suggests that the term cure is “misleading” and could be misleading for a number of reasons, including the “inherently poor quality” of cancer treatments.

According to Shostack, “a better word would be ‘cure.”

“I would say that cure is a word that should be used as a diagnosis, not a diagnosis itself,” he said.

“People are not being given a good diagnosis.

We are talking about people with cancer who are in treatment for cancer and who have an acute illness.

So the diagnosis is not a good one.”

He said that people who are using the word diagnosis are being “misled” by “misinformed” people.

“The people who use the terms ‘cured’ and ‘curing’ are being misled by misinformed people who don’t understand the true nature of cancer,” he added.

“We’re seeing a lot more doctors, including myself, who are not giving patients accurate prognosis and diagnoses.”

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