‘A huge loss’: Australian doctors lose their jobs as doctors lose job due to Zika virus

Wakefield Medical Centre has said a large number of its medical staff are losing their jobs, as the virus has become the leading cause of death in Brazil.

Key points:Dr Daniel Nunez was at the centre of a large outbreak at the hospital in BrazilThe US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said the crisis could last for monthsA US state agency has announced it will provide assistance to Wakefield medical staff to help them deal with the coronavirus crisisIn a statement, the hospital said the emergency room at the Wakefield site is facing a “complex and unprecedented pandemic”.

It said it has “no other options” other than to shut down operations.

“We are in the process of making arrangements for the closure of our primary and secondary emergency rooms and will have no further comment on the matter,” the statement said.

The crisis has affected hospitals across Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, which has been hit by the outbreak.

More than 1,000 health workers have died in Brazil, while thousands of people have contracted the virus in the US.

A US State Department official said the US is working with governments in Brazil and other countries in the region to assist those affected.

The United States and other nations have pledged $1 billion in assistance to affected countries, including the $1.1 billion announced for Brazil.

The announcement came amid reports of a major coronaviruses outbreak in the United States, with the death toll rising to at least 14, including three in the last week.

A CDC official said on Thursday that the coronovirus outbreak in Brazil has reached “critical levels”, and there are a number of cases and deaths at hospitals across the US, including Wakefield.

The State Department’s emergency management office is in Brazil advising the Federal Emergency Administration (Fema) to assist the local authorities and provide immediate aid to those in need, the official said.

It said the agency has already provided $1 million in financial assistance and that Fema will provide an additional $1bn in aid to help the affected countries.

The Zika virus has also claimed a further three lives in Brazil since the beginning of the month, including a 15-year-old boy who died of a heart attack at the weekend.

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